Age•Less 15

Age•Less 15 is the world’s first “corrective signaling” formulation. It contains a proprietary Phyto-Glycan ComplexTM, a breakthrough formulation containing ingredients specifically designed to target various receptor sites of the skin. The objective of Age•Less 15 is to help the skin replenish the constituents necessary for healthy signaling in the extra cellular layer.


  • The skin looked significantly younger than their actual age.
  • Facial contours looked fuller, reducing the appearance of flaccid, sagging skin.
  • Skin texture became remarkably smooth and silky.
  • Large pores around the nose, cheek and chin area looked more refined.
  • The skin around the jaw-line seemed to cling more firmly to the substructure, reducing the severity of under-the-chin-sag.
  • Neck chords appeared less prominent and the skin texture felt much more resilient.
  • Pebbly texture and ‘fan’ lines on V of upper chest area looked significantly smoother.
  • When applied to the forearm, the crepey texture looked plumpedup, resulting in an overall smoother and firmer appearance.
  • When applied to the back of hands, the plumping effect seemed to reduce the appearance of bulging veins and lessen the look of loose skin folds.
  • The over-all ‘snap-back’ of the skin was markedly improved in any area where Age•Less 15 was applied.