Cellex-C Complex

Cellex-C Complex helps replenish the skin’s vitamin C levels and provides the additional constituents known to be essential to vitamin C’s role in producing healthy new collagen. The most potent of these formulations are designed to topically deliver up to 20 times more active vitamin C than can be absorbed orally by the body.


  • The constituents of the Cellex-C Complex — the powerful antioxidants, vitamin C and zinc, plus the amino acid, tyrosine — are totally safe and natural, and are routinely consumed in any well-balanced diet.
  • Contains L-ascorbic acid — an ingredient scientifically researched as the only known form of vitamin C that the body can utilize to promote collagen synthesis.
  • Cellex-C Serum delivers up to twenty times more active vitamin C than your body can absorb orally.
  • Skin will look and feel younger, facial contours will look more youthfully defined.
  • It can help you look 5–10 years younger.
  • Skin has fewer obvious lines and feels considerably firmer within 12 weeks.