Cellex-C Hydra 5 B-Complex


Hydra 5 B-Complex

An oil-free, crystal clear gel containing an extraordinarily high percentage of hyaluronic acid — the body’s own natural moisturizer. Smoother, silkier, more radiant looking skin will be noticed in 3—6 weeks. Facilitates better absorption of vitamin C. This product begins its moisturizing work beneath the surface of the skin. It is not intended for surface hydration, so a moisturizer is required.

  • Facilitates better absorption of vitamin C.
  • Immediate and long term improvement in skin tone.
  • Supplements the skin’s diminishing supply of hyaluronic acid.
  • Suitable for both men and women even those with sensitive skin.
  • Restores youthful translucency and buoyancy to the skin.
  • Radiant skin is noticeable in 3—6 weeks.

  1. Cleanse and Tone.
  2. Apply Cellex-C High-Potency Serum or Serum for Sensitive Skin. (If you are using Skin Firming Cream Plus, apply Hydra 5 B-Complex first.)
  3. Apply Hydra 5 B-Complex. Squeeze 2–3 drops into the palm of your hand. Blend the gel over your face and neck, in a smooth upward direction. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
  4. Apply moisturizer of choice.
  5. May be used once or twice a day morning or night.

USE: Morning & Night.

SKIN TYPE: Suitable for all skin types.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B 5.

SIZE: 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.

Made in Canada.


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“A pioneer in the use of vitamin and fruit acids, this marvelous skincare line has the best possible press: Word of mouth. This has developed into a line for anti-aging skincare favoured by the likes of Uma Thurman, Cindy Crawford and Sylvester Stallone. The stars: High-Potency Serum and its indispensable partner, Hydra 5 B-Complex a powerful moisturizer.”


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