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Cellex-C Celebrates 25 Years of Pioneering Anti-Aging Skincare

It’s our anniversary! Cellex-C International Inc. is celebrating 25 years of innovation and creativity. Since its inception Cellex-C International has challenged the boundaries of the cosmaceutical industry and continues with its mandate to produce state-of-the-art, premium quality anti-aging skin care products.

In November 1991 the founders of Cellex-C International Inc. introduced the world’s first skin care products containing a vitamin C based complex developed by immunology researchers Meisner and Schinitsky at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. The formulation was truly unique, and a major breakthrough. The scientists had been seeking ways to reduce inflammation in the skin, and combat cancers, but found that a unique compound they had created held remarkable anti-aging properties. We named that complex ‘Cellex-C®’. Following years of exhaustive development and testing by our own in-house R&D team, a stabilized Cellex-C formulation was finally introduced to the world in our flagship product ‘Cellex-C High-Potency Serum’. Its almost magical combination of ingredients created a sensation in the field of dermatology – and a revolution in the battle against aging skin.

In yet another industry leading first, our research indicated the importance of cell signalling in relation to the skin, leading to the formulation of a product range to optimize that process. The resulting Age•Less 15® line was introduced in 2009. When integrated into a skin care regime along with Cellex-C Complex formulations, the combination provides the ultimate in anti-aging skin care treatments.

In 2015 Cellex-C International introduced ‘HydraSmooth’, the latest addition to the Cellex-C Enhancer product line. HydraSmooth, is an outstanding third-generation moisturizer, featuring a unique probiotic-derived extract. This component works synergistically with the other natural actives contained in the ‘Bio-Moist’ proprietary blend to help minimize transepidermal water loss, support dermal barrier integrity, and sustain skin resiliency. A delicate, smooth, naturally colored cream, HydraSmooth helps lock moisture onto the skin to promote a younger, more radiant appearance.

HydraSmooth, in keeping with the rest of our anti-aging skincare, has been enthusiastically embraced by our clientelle.

A message from the President of Cellex-C International Inc., John Chilver:
“We have continued to build upon the loyalty of our existing customers, and the fantastic heritage of our pioneering Cellex-C formulations, to become the skin care range of choice for a new generation of devotees.

For the future, we look forward to bringing further breakthroughs to the world of skincare and to welcoming many more new – and enthusiastic – clients from around the world to the Cellex-C family – and the opportunity to look after their skin for the next 25 years!”

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, Cellex-C International Inc. is pleased to announce a contest to win a year’s supply of Cellex-C skincare products. For further details and to discover the full range of Cellex-C products, visit

Cellex-C International Inc. is a skincare manufacturer based in Toronto Canada, with products distributed worldwide – from London’s prestigous Harvey Nichols, through the U.S., South America, Asia, and Europe.

As we first proclaimed 25 years ago, “C-ing is Believing!”.


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Cellex-C is a registered trademark of Cellex-C International Inc. and HydraSmooth is a trademark. Age•Less 15 is a registered trademark of Cellex-C Cosmaceuticals Inc.