Cellex-C Complex

Cellex-C Complex helps replenish the skin’s vitamin C levels and provides the additional constituents known to be essential to vitamin C’s role in producing healthy new collagen. The most potent of these formulations are designed to topically deliver up to twenty times more active vitamin C than can be absorbed orally by the body.

Professional Formulations

Professional strength formulations provide high levels of ascorbic acid, both in its free form and hydrolizedTM help smooth and firm the skin. Regular use will dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging — fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.


All Enhancer products help to maintain optimal levels of hydration and moisturization, and give the skin a silky, smooth supple texture. Each Cellex-C Enhancer contains at least one particular constituent known to be highly beneficial to the skin.


There are age-induced skin problems (lines and wrinkles) that happen over time, then there are sudden, less profound problems induced by daily physical factors such as excessive stress and irritation caused by environmental pollutants. Common problems include: spots and pimples, puffiness, rough patches of skin, discolored and inflamed skin. Cellex-C Corrective formulas are designed to help rid the skin of specific problems altogether.


All Betaplex formulations contain powerful natural exfoliants designed to help the penetration of the Cellex-C Complex by removing superficial skin build-up. Betaplex formulations also employ a wide range of natural anti-oxidants and botanical extracts, each of which contribute their own special skin enhancing qualities.

Sun Care

Cellex-C Sun Care formulations help “age-proof” your skin by protecting it against signs of photoaging such as thinning skin, leathery texture, dark blotches and age spots. Contain broad-spectrum UV-A and UV-B filters, plus a natural physical sunscreen.

Age•Less 15

Age•Less 15 is the world’s first “corrective signaling” formulation. It contains a proprietary Phyto-Glycan ComplexTM, a breakthrough formulation containing ingredients specifically designed to target various receptor sites of the skin. The objective of Age•Less 15 is to help the skin replenish the constituents necessary for healthy signaling in the extra cellular layer.

Not all products are available in all territories.