Cellex-C’s ‘Ring The Bell’
Cancer Challenge
Cellex-C’s ‘Ring The Bell’ Cancer Challenge

In July and August 2016, John Chilver, the President and CEO of Cellex-C International Inc. and his good friend, Geoff Stark, a retired police officer, rode the iconic climbs of the Tour de France in the French Alps and Pyrenees in aid of cancer charities.

Introduction Video

Starting at $1,000 and adding $500 for every col they successfully climbed, Cellex-C International made a donation to the battle against cancer. Because they managed to conquer ten mountains, Cellex-C donated a grand total of $32,500 to The Canadian Cancer Society.

Their ride was for everyone who has battled cancer, or is currently in that fight.

Let’s conquer this terrible disease. For good.

Mission Accomplished

We completed the ten mountains we set out to conquer in July and August, 2016. In the circumstances, that included doing Vetoux and Aspin a second time — each from a different approach. For the video logs, visit our YouTube channel – and watch out for the llamas!

Here are some photos from the challenge, including images from the summits.

Cellex-C’s pledge of $32,500 was presented to the Canadian Cancer Society in October 2016.
A huge ‘Thank you!’ to all of you who donated, helped our cause, and supported our efforts.

Should you be inspired to make a donation, it’s not too late!

Choose the direct link below to the charity of your choice: